The ecological commitment at Nature Surf Camp


Activities we’re doing are very close to Nature et it seems obvious that the Nature Surf Camp team is getting it into actions in a way to protect the environment, thanks to moves and behaviors that are environmentally responsible.

  •  Recycling set-up and waste management at Nature Surf Camp “Less waste in Landes country”
  • Compost Using, it will be served for the Camp’s plant and garden. But also, on a vegetable garden elaboration.
  • Saving electricity and water with low-consuming light bulbs, instructions to manage the taps and lights.
  • Natural materials using such as bamboo, acacias, or driftwood to build and decorate the camp.
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Raising awareness among the youngness (and less youngness) with billboards on the degradation of the dunes and on the Coastline protection.
  • Use of Petrol less wax for the surf lessons.
  • Breakfasts made off fair trade and fresh seasonal products from the nearby gardener.

The buildings

The building of our accommodations has been thought on a “energy-saving” way: buildings insulation, windows orientation, eco-friendly materials selection. We do have other projects such as: solar energy for hot water, but also rainwater salvage.

The life on the camp

Recycling set-up and waste management at Nature Surf Camp “less waste on the Landes Country”.

“Zero Waste” shopping awareness, providing our guests with tools which allow purchasing without using plastics.

Compost Using, which will be used for the vegetable garden elaboration. Electricity and water savings with some low-consuming lighting bulbs. Instructions on how to use the lights and taps. Naturals use such as acacia, bamboo, or driftwood to decorate and build the camp.

One of our goal is to make people aware of the critical situation of the environment, in our region, the dunes is important, so we put some billboards on how to protect it and the coastline protection.

For the surf lessons, we only use petrol-free wax. For the breakfasts, we’re choosing products from the fair-trade industry and selecting fresh products from the nearby vegetable market.

During the high season, we’ll be reaching our “wild” beach with an electric bike, in a way of not using your car. A fun and eco-friendly way to reach the spot for your daily surf, or to go doing your “zero waste” shopping. To do no jealous so, our partners propose electric fatbike with some 50% bargains.