L’équipe du Surf Camp : CÔTÉ HÉBERGEMENT

The surf camp staff :

Jero et Antoine

Jero and Antoine will be taking care of you during your stay. Their complementarity which ally energy and good mood is the receipt of their welcoming. Management, organization but most of all adaptation, they will oversee everything from the reservation till the departure.

Nature Surf Camp is their Gem, Messanges is their village and surfing is their passion, so that is with pleasure they will be advising you on the good tips about your surf sessions and all the rest you need to know.


Antoine is born in Belgium 35 years ago. He is the globe-trotter of the group.

Always in search of new horizons. With ou without his surfboard (most of the time with!), he looks for new cultures and of course the bests surf spots of the planet.

Bells Beach, Mundaka, Chicama, Mentawais, Puerto Escondido, Anchor’s Point…All his surf trips brought him a solid knowledge of the surf culture. So that is with joy that he shares his vision of the sport but also moments of ride on his home spot : Messangeles beach.



Jero has lived in Messanges all her life for 33 years, and it has been over 20 years she is surfing the Southwest sandbanks. Her 10 years BPJEPS, her patience and pedagogy will make you progress all along the week. She will adapt the lessons following the pace and wishes of everyone. Making you comfortable, so that your sessions will be the ones you will never forget.


Benoit is 45 years old, having explored Indonesia, Australia, New-Zealand, but also Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canaries Island, Ireland, Sardinia, in search of waves.

He is the Waterman of the team, riding any item, never know with which board he will come through for surfing.

He likes testing any kind of boards with 1,2,3,4 or without fines.

He likes also the SUP with his mate Davos, and tandem surf with his partner Pauline with who he has been part of many competitions.

He doesn’t decline bodysurf sessions and with inflatable mattresses and like to face the waves in kitesurf. During the last two years, he explored another aspect of the ride, the surf foiling!

His travels and experience achieved during the last 23 years of surf instructors give him opportunity to learn you surf in security, teaching skills and patience.

equipe_benoit -moniteur-de-surf


Francky is 43 years old. He has spent more than 20 years pirating the Landes, Indonesians, Canarias and spots from Reunion.

During his whole life of surfing, his has gathered a wide sample of “tricks and tips”. So, he decided to do his knowledge a share. I quitted his job five years ago to dedicate himself entirely to his two passions: teaching and surfing! In this pure and marvelous sport, which is surf, he put all his skills at the service of the motivated persons ready to discover, learn and progress. So that is naturally that he joined the Nature Surf Camp team. But also, the Desert Point with Pacôme and Benoit with whom he grew up during in youngness.

Disponible, listening, advices, motivation: he will be there to guide you during your surf lessons.


Antoine is 28 years old and he is a typical product of the Waiteuteu Surf Club of Messanges. He did his first ride there at the age of 10 and has never left this habit so far.

More than surf, it is the element which attracts him, that’s why he passed his diploma in sport natation college in Bordeaux. But he is always seeking of the most intense riding sensations. So that he enjoys spending his time across the Atlantic coast in search of new waves. His curiosity brings him also to the surf foil, a discipline where he excels since he is back from Guadeloupe.

His love for the pines, the dunes and the sandbanks drive him to the BPJEPS four years ago and then he joined the Nature Surf Camp team. His listening, his calm in his pedagogy and his energy in the waves, promises you a state-of-the-art learning.

Antoine will be your main instructor during the week, he will be taking care of your improvement on the beach but also at the camp with theorical lessons and video analysis.

equipe_pacome-moniteur de surf


37 ans, a exploré essentiellement l’Amérique du Sud MexiqueNicaraguaPérouEquateurCosta Rica et aussi l’ Australie… En plus de ses voyages, il est un véritable technicien du surf. Ayant travaillé dans les ateliers des plus grands shapers français, il saura vous faire partager cet autre aspect du surf.

Son trip à lui c’est les tubes, les grosses vagues, et la pêche en mer.

Son surf engagé lui vaut une solide réputation parmi les surfeurs de la côte Landaise. Ces derniers temps il a lui aussi le surf foil en tête.

Moniteur de surf et de skate depuis plus de 10 ans, sa gentillesse et sa bonne humeur vous motiveront sur les vagues.

L’équipe du Surf Camp : CÔTÉ HÉBERGEMENT